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Actor, model and activist Nyle DiMarco will be starring in and executive producing his own comedy series for Spectrum that focuses on the experiences of the deaf community.

Nyle DiMarco is best known for winning both America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars. Both are huge feats for anyone, but especially for someone like DiMarco who was born completely deaf. He has also appeared in Difficult People, This Close, and Station 19.

Now, the actor is setting his sights on comedy and developing a semi-autobiographical comedy series about his life as a deaf man in the modern world. He is teaming up with Spectrum and Daniel Dae Kim's company, 3AD.

DiMarco took to Twitter to share the exciting news with a heartfelt message saying:

"If i told my younger self that i would eventually have my own series about Deaf culture, i wouldn't believe it. deaf people leading in a series about deaf culture? not possible! this is huge for me... thank you all"

Daniel Dae Kim has also spoken about the new project on Twitter, calling for TV writers in the deaf community to contribute!

No timeline has been released for the project yet, but fans are eager to see the innovative comedy soon!

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