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Departure is set to revolve around a plane mystery. An aircraft goes missing mid-flight, and it is up to the show's investigators, Archie Panjabi and Christopher Plummer to try and figure out the details of this case.

As fans can see in the trailer, Departure, is set to be a thrilling, action-packed, and mysterious series. The trailer shows many jump cuts throughout it that showcase the investigators trying to figure out the case and finding one survivor. Through this finding, it is believed they will be able to find out what actually happened to cause the disappearance. The official synopsis of the show goes as follows:

"Based on true stories of documented but never-explained avionic phenomenon, DEPARTURE follows a brilliant man in 1973 Miami investigating how a 727 suddenly vanished into thin air and then reappeared in the exact same spot ten minutes later. As mysterious occurrences continue to transpire with increasing frequency in the skies, the investigation becomes personal when the love of his life is on one of the planes affected.The story is inspired by the book "Ghosts of the Air" by Martin Caidin, which documents real accounts from pilots who have experienced flight anomalies."

Departure will premiere on Peacock's streaming service on September 17th. Be sure to check it out!

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