Actress Olivia Munn spoke to Gayle King yesterday on King's SiriusXM show Gayle King in the House about the act of terrorism that occurred in Atlanta this week. The incident left eight dead and targeted women of Asian descent.

A Rise in Hate

Early on in the interview, they discussed the rise of anti-Asian sentiment in America as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the first recognized breakout of the virus was in Wuhan, China, many people have unjustly blamed the pandemic on Chinese people and in turn, people of Asian descent.

Munn's mother is from Vietnam from Chinese descent, and it's hard not to feel attacked by an act of such vitriolic hatred when it's directed right at your skin color.

Praising Biden

Munn praised Biden's swift condemnation of the actions and his support for Asian American women during this terrifying time.

"Did you see that Biden had said today that all the flags across the country should go at half mast for the victims in the shooting? And that for us, was just so powerful, you know? …[Lisa Ling] is so brilliant. And she's so eloquent - and I'm just thinking about what she said in the text on our chain - she's like, it just means so much to us to have someone at that level say that these eight women, these eight Asian women, that they matter and that all of the flags across our country will go at half mast for them. It was an emotional moment for all of us, and we all took a moment and just cried together."

As hatred against the Asian community continues to rise as a response to this pandemic, it's more important than ever to put up a unified front against domestic terrorism and remain united in our country's search for betterment.

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