Olivia Newton-John Launches the ONJ Foundation

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as it draws to a close, the fight goes on. Today, our #SeeHER Spotlight features breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John. The much beloved entertainer's 28 year-long struggle against the disease has lead her to establish the ONJ Foundation which is committed to "Realizing a world beyond cancer."

"My dream is to fund and find kinder treatments for cancer."
Olivia Newton-John's battle with breast cancer began in 1992. After her diagnosis, Olivia underwent mastectomy and breast reconstruction, chemo and radiation treatments. She went into remission only to find the disease had metastasized after medical attention for a 2013 car accident and progressed to stage 4 by 2017. Over the course of her initial diagnosis and though her very pubic journey, Olivia became a vocal advocate for awareness and early detection. Leaning into the fight, she partnered with health professionals and the Olivia Newton-John-Cancer Wellness and Research Center was founded in Victoria, Australia. Olivia has now adjusted her approach to incorporate total wellness by way of natural cancer therapies, acupuncture, meditation and plant-based medicines. Earlier this month, she announced the launch of the ONJ Foundation which will look beyond more traditional treatments and find alternatives which focus on "living beyond cancer."
"I'm living well with it, and you can live well with it if you support your body and give it a chance to heal."

Olivia Newton-John Foundation Official Launch Video October 2020 www.youtube.com

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