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Olivia Rodrigo Releases 'Sour' Movie

"Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film)" will be available to stream March 25.

Olivia Rodrigo made a movie!

Almost one year ago, in May 2021, the Disney star released her breakout album, "Sour", which has gone on to sweep the Grammys nominations for 2022. Now, she's produced a movie about making the album.

"Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film)" releases on Disney+ March 25 and will give fans a behind the scenes look at the creation of her record.

The movie will consist of GoPro footage of Rodrigo with producer and co-writer Dan Nigro in the recording studio as they created the album. She says on the process,

"When you put out an album into the world it takes on a whole new meaning, which I think is natural and normal. But it's really touching to see those songs in their infancy where they were just little seeds of ideas. There's something really special and magical about that part of the creative process."

The movie will also feature Rodrigo road-tripping from California to Salt Lake City, which she says is an opportunity "to go back and visit those places and visit those songs as a new person just reminds you how much you've grown."

She explains,

"It's really exciting to revisit songs that have been out in the world for a year now. I wrote SOUR in between L.A. and Salt Lake City, going back and forth, and so I wanted to revisit those songs in a bunch of beautiful places along the way."

Rodrigo cites her inspiration for making the film as a way to inspire others, saying,

"There's no greater feeling than seeing yourself represented in a song that perfectly captures how you feel. I think that's a really powerful and beautiful thing so maybe people will be inspired to do the same thing."

If you can't make it to the upcoming, sold out "Sour" tour, be sure to check out "Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film)" on Disney+ March 25.

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