The Loesch Twins Interview Sara Bareilles and Olivia Wilde

The Loesch Twins and Celebrity Page caught up with Sara Bareilles and Olivia Wilde at the New York premiere of Alice By Heart to talk about nerves and heartbreak.

Olivia Wilde – Courtesy of The New York Times

Olivia Wilde noted that feeling nervous is an important part of prepping for a show.

“I think it’s a good sign. I think it means you are not forgetting the importance of your focus and it’s professional to be stressed out. It means you care.”

The Loesch twins also had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Bareilles on the carpet. Bareilles spoke about her first love and the most important takeaway from that experience.

“Heartbreak — good teacher. Beautiful teacher, actually. My first love was mired in a lot of heartbreak, so learning to find the ground when the thing you love goes away.”

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Alice By Heart is playing now at The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater.