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Is Olivia Wilde Teasing A Marvel Spider Woman Movie In New Instagram Picture?

Olivia Wilde is set to direct a new Marvel film but the question is which character will she showcase?

Actress Olivia Wilde is stepping into her director role. Reports say she is currently working on a Marvel film, centered around a super heroine.

Rumors of a Spider Woman Movie

After much experience in film and television, Olivia Wilde has made the shift from acting to directing. Wilde has directed the 2019 film Booksmart and according to Deadline, she has a deal with Sony Pictures to work on a movie showcasing another female Marvel hero. Set to release this year, Marvel's Black Widow stars actress Scarlett Johansson and Sony announced a project involving a female character named Madame Webb back in September 2019. Since talks of a Spider Woman movie have been circulating, fans have speculated that Wilde's project will be centered around that character.

Wilde took to Instagram this Wednesday to share a photo of her daughter wearing a Spider Man suit. This could hint a confirmation of an upcoming Spider Woman movie.

The Spider Woman character has been around in the Marvel Universe since the late '70s, when she first appeared in Marvel spotlight #32 and then in her own self-titled series. Originally, her character was created by Marvel for copyright reasons to ensure that no other company would take the idea of a female Spider Man before them, according to Stan Lee.

The title and release date of this upcoming Marvel project is still unknown.

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