Sierra Capri Talks Minority Representation On Screen & Final Season Of 'On My Block' | CPTV

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Netflix is bringing back its popular series, On My Block. Sierra Capri is opening up on the final season in today's equality spotlight.

On My Block features four teenagers "from the streets" as they navigate through high school while being in the inner city.

The Netflix hit provides a realistic and heartfelt glimpse into the reality that many teenagers across the country have to face on a day-to-day basis.

Tons of praise and critical acclaim have garnered surrounding the show's themes over the course of its past four seasons. Most notably, the show delivered groundbreaking representation and transparency for both Black and Latinx communities.

Its relatability even scored it the title of Netflix's most binged series in 2018.

Though ending the series is definitely a bittersweet moment for the cast, Sierra Capri reflected on all of the memorable moments she got to share with her fellow cast mates.

"We did grow up together, we spent so much time together and we're so close, and I couldn't have asked for like a better casting crew to work with for these past five years. It's still kind of like a pinch me thing. It's weird to think we were the most binged show on Netflix, but I'm grateful," Capri said.

Sierra also touched upon the diversity On My Block addresses, as well as the voice it gave to underrepresented communities.

"I like to think that we were one of the first shows that had all of its leads be only minorities. I think that's why our show was received so well."

The star also teased emotional ending fans are about to endure with the series finale.

"I will honestly say this is probably my favorite season next to season one, so you guys are in for a lot of surprises. There's gonna be some shockers."

Don't miss out on the last season of On My Block. It's available to stream on Netflix now.

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