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It's the perfect time to watch terrifying new series.

The Girl In The Woods 🌲

The Girl in the Woods is a supernatural drama in which monsters hide behind a mysterious door.

Although the mystical show takes audiences to another the world, Stefanie Scott shared how the series can also be relatable to all living in a chaotic situation.

"It's a supernatural weird show, but at the same time it's interesting how even in those insane circumstances there is so much relatability. It definitely has the energy of October," Scott said.

The Girl in the Woods starts streaming October 21st on Peacock.

One of Us is Lying 📱

Based on the best selling book, One of Us is Lying follows an unexpected mystery at Bayview High School when five students walk into detention and only four of them walk away alive.

One of the students is played by Chibuikem Uche, who said that all the characters have several skeletons in the closet.

"You've got these archetype high school characters: a jock, a princess, a braniac and a criminal. Each of the four that make it out have a secret that the loner character might've known about," Uche said.

In the style of Breakfast Club and Gossip Girl, the students wouldn't have even interacted with each other prior to detention... but friendships can always nourish in unexpected ways.

One of Us is Lying is streaming now on Peacock.

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