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Will the third time be the lucky one? We'll find out behind the scenes for one of Hallmark Channel's favorite couples in One Perfect Wedding!

In 2018, Hallmark fans met the four actors of the film One Winter Weekend: Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard and Dewshane Williams.

The two couples reunited in 2019 for the sequel One Winter Proposal, but now they're together once again for the final movie in the trilogy, One Perfect Wedding.

Actress Taylor Cole shared the enthusiasm for this following chapter.

"This could just be the beginning. I think that we got lucky that we got to continue this story, because we really enjoy each other's company," Cole said.

The love between Taylor Cole and Jack Turner has also grown during their time on set.

"It's not always common that in multiple films in the series, that the character gets to have kind of an arc each time, because maybe the arc is hard after the first one and then his change in behavior is like established," Turner said.

Turner praises the writers for keeping the actors and the audience engaged in "deeper levels of the characters."

One Perfect Wedding premieres Saturday April 3rd on Hallmark Channel!

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