We hit the red carpet for the premiere of Operation Finale to speak with its star-studded cast about their Nazi hunting historical drama.

Operation Finale New York Premiere

Ben Kingsley is a film legend, but how does a man known for playing Gandhi channel Adolf Eichmann, one of history's most notorious monsters? Kingsley details the research involved in understanding the role, and how shining a light on Eichmann's misdeeds provides the energy to bring him to the screen.

The lead Nazi hunter of Operation Finale is one of Hollywood's brightest stars -- Oscar Isaac. With standout performances in an array of Hollywood blockbusters, Isaac talks about shifting gears into this dark, historical drama.

Rounding out the cast is Nick Kroll. Typically recognized for his comedic roles, Kroll explains his real-life connection to this decidedly unfunny chapter in history.

See Operation Finale on August 29th in theaters.

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