Orange Is The New Black is coming to an end after seven seasons on Netflix. The stars are opening up about their characters and the final episodes at the NYC premiere! 

Shawna Hamic says she auditioned for OITNB "many times over the course of many years" for relatively small roles before landing the role of Virginia Copeland

"There was something I recognized about Ginger, maybe her quirky nature or the way she sees the world, but I was really able to connect with it," Shawna says. 

Amanda Marie Fuller describes playing Madison "Badison" Murphy as both fun and terrifying because she didn't know if she could do the "ballsy" character justice.

“To show up every day and have to step in her shoes was quite the journey for me but also the most fun I’ve ever had playing a character.”

Laura Gomez also talks about playing Blanca Flores, saying she was "full of surprises" and calling the character "an oddball for sure but a very special one.”

Christina Toth has played Annalisa Damiva since season 6, and she says she is "thrilled beyond compare to be part of the finale."

When asked why it is so important to show diverse faces on mainstream TV today, Alysia Reiner (Natalie "Fig" Figueroa) replies, "How could we have not done that? It's time."

Check out the OINTB's final season streaming now on Netflix!

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Bernie Sanders

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