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Our Rachel Smith sat down with the cast of new dramedy Our Friend for today's Cover Story.

Our Friend, starring Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel, follows a man who puts his own life on hold to help out his two best friends, a couple dealing with terminal illness.

Affleck told Smith:

"I'm certainly happy to be a part of something that I feel like has a message that I'm proud of."

Johnson, who plays Affleck's wife, takes on the challenging role of "Nicole," a woman fighting for her life as she battles terminal cancer. But the intensity of the role wasn't the only challenge for Johnson. She also had to sing in the film. She told Smith:

"That was scary, but good for me to get through."

New to the movie scene is one of the film's stars, Jake Owen.The actor told Smith what sets this film a part from others out right now. He said:

"We're in a world where a lot of us put ourselves first all of the time. It's me, me, me…And this is a film that I think really allows you to see the importance of being a friend to someone."

You can catch Our Friend, available now on Demand.

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