The Brydes are back and (not) better than ever. Netflix dropped the release of season four, part one of the gripping drama Ozark. The fourth season will consist of two parts and will be the final season of the critically-acclaimed series.

Season three of Ozark left viewers on an intense cliff-hanger, and the newly released preview shows a glimpse of the aftermath of a shocking character's death.

Returning on January 21st, 2022, Netflix dropped a teaser to the new season a few weeks ago in preparation for the release date announcement.

Ozark: Season 4 | Official First Look | Netflix

The trailer for season four, part one features the Byrdes in Mexico with the family of the cartel they are now bonded to. As they wash the blood away from their slain colleague, Marty and Wendy console one as they shared looks of distress.

You can catch up on the first three seasons of ​Ozark on Netflix.

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