P. Diddy

Singer and songwriter, P. Diddy wanted his mother to experience the most lavish 80th birthday she could have! Check out everything the star did to make sure it was great.

The Gifts

In a video posted on Twitter fans were able to see Diddy's mother's live reaction to receiving not only a $1 million check from her son, but also a brand new Bentley! Diddy also hosted a party for his mother to honor all that she has done for him throughout the years.

P. Diddy's Post

The star took to Instagram to share his thoughts about his mother on her birthday and how much he appreciates all she has done, as well as what she means to him. He wrote:

"I only exist because of this beautiful, hardworking, loving, hilarious, ass-whooping, always telling me the truth, genuine, smart, fly absolutely amazing Black Goddess Queen!! Happy 80th Birthday to the best mother in the world! Love you forever and ever! ❤️... and this is actually her at 80 ... no filter ... no edit 🖤!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY #MAMACOMBS ❤️"

We are wishing Janice Combs a very happy birthday!

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