From starting out at Texas Tech University to being the 10th draft pick in 2017, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is now the richest player in the history of the NFL.

The 24 year old's resume

In 2018, Mahomes solidified himself as one of the game's top players with his no-look passes, 50 touchdown passes, and MVP honors. For two years, Mahomes has been the offensive centerpiece of the chiefs - in 2019 he threw for 4,031 yards, 26 touchdowns and five interceptions even after missing two games due to an injury.

The Contract and Responses

Mahomes and the Chiefs agreed to a ten year, $503 million dollar contract, the largest in the league's history. With the recent signing of 42-year-old Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many fans were excited about the chance to lock in Mahomes for ten more seasons at the young age of 24. Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach made this statement about the stellar quarterback:

We're going to continue to do everything we can to surround him with talent, and this deal provides us more flexibility to do that. He's obviously an integral part to our success and we're thrilled he's going to be the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs for a long time."

Arrowhead stadium is looking forward to another decade of Mahomes!

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