Patrick Renna


It has been a long time since we saw Patrick Renna in 1993's 'The Sandlot'.

Patrick Renna, best known for his role as Hamilton "Ham" Porter in 'The Sandlot' is all grown up with his wife and two young boys. The child star has resurfaced on Instagram and Tik Tok with videos of his sons Flynn and Liam relating back to his 'Sandlot' days.

Patrick Renna Recreates Meat Scene

Renna has been trending on social media recently with videos that call back to the legendary coming-of-age movie.

'The Sandlot' is one of the most quoted movies of all time, with Ham's lines being some of the most memorable. As Tik Tok and Instagram influencers grow younger and younger, it is very refreshing to see an icon from the older generation's childhood coming back in a fun way on the platforms.

If you want to continue receiving flashes from the past, be sure to check out Renna on either platform. Watching child stars all grown up might make you feel a little old, but the content is sure to bring up childhood memories you forgot you even had.

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