The Cast Of 'The Patrick Star Show' Teases Patrick's Early Adventures In New Show | Celebrity Page
After years of living in the shadow of his best friend, SpongeBob, Patrick Star is finally getting his own show.

No, he's Dirty Dan!

Patrick Star is known for hilarious and heartfelt moments on SpongeBob SquarePants. Now, Patrick is starring in the new series, appropriately titled... The Patrick Star Show.

Down in Bikini Bottom, fans get to follow a younger Patrick as he lives at home with his family, where he hosts his own variety show.

Bill Fagerbakke, the voice actor for Patrick, is ecstatic to begin this new chapter in his Nickelodeon career!

"Patrick without Spongebob?! What? What are they thinking?! Here we are 21, 22 years into this incredible job. We all still love it. That just doesn't happen," Fagerbakke said.

The starfish doesn't fall far from the kelp! Patrick's family also joins in on the fun with their own shenanigans.

"[Squidina] is Patrick's little sister. She plays the director in this imaginary kids show, where Patrick is the star," Jill Talley said.
"I actually play Patrick's dad, but he had two dads in 'Spongebob.' He had a fake dad and then he had a real dad, and I play both of those characters," Tom Wilson said.

"I play Patrick's momma, who's married to Tom. I play Bunny Star. Bunny's just a sweet little old lady. These are some real nincompoops with huge hearts. You're going to love this family," Cree Summer said.

Dana Snyder, who plays GrandPat Star, revealed the typical challenges that come with being in the Star family.

"They drive him crazy. He's just trying to shape and mold his grandson into being a smarter, sharper, star... and that's not going to happen anytime soon," Snyder said.

The Patrick Star Show premieres July 9th on Nickelodeon.

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