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Paul Rudd shows one...or two...last clips of Mac and Me during Conan O'Brien's last week on TBS.

Paul Rudd is known as a jokester in Hollywood and especially on late night shows. Conan seems to be one of Rudd's favorite targets, as every time Rudd is asked to show a clip of a movie, he plays a ridiculous clip from Mac and Me.

Conan and Paul Rudd may have one of the longest standing jokes in entertainment as Rudd originally showed a clip of the strange film on February 6th, 2004. 17 years of this same joke and it never gets old; Rudd played this clip on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and during Conan's short-lived run on The Tonight Show.

Bill Hader helped set the joke up as he discussed his "worst SNL sketch ever" and jokingly mentioned how Rudd did not put on an accent which is why it was such a flop.

Rudd then surprised the audience and host as he entered from the wings and began to intrude on the interview.

Conan is wrapping up his 11-year run on TBS on June 24th and every new episode brings some bittersweet laughs to audiences. In his final week, many celebrities have shown their appreciation for the late night host before he moves to his new variety show on HBO Max.

Rudd's prank is one of many traditions that Conan has with celebrities and friends that come on the show and it was great for Conan-lovers to watch the tradition one last time.

CONAN will be airing its second to last episode tonight at 11 P.M. with guest Dana Carvey.

The final episode will be airing Thursday on TBS at 10 P.M. and will feature Jack Black and most likely some other surprise guests. Make sure to tune in for the last episode of one of late nights all-time greats!

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