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It's been two years since former The View star and GMA: Weekend Edition host Paula Faris left her dream jobs to take on a new role. Sonia Isabelle is connecting with Faris to discuss her bold decision to reorganize her priorities and pursuing new projects like her new book Called Out and podcast Journeys of Faith.

Walking Away From Her Dream Jobs

Faris walked away from her dream jobs as the co-anchor of some of America's most watched programs to find true purpose outside of her career. When discussing this decision, Faris explains:

"I do think tragedy and opportunity can coexist. They are not mutually exclusive. Yes, there's a tragedy going on but there's also an opportunity for us to reassess our lives and if necessary, to press a reset button. That can be a gift if we choose to push that and if we choose to push into our fears and step into our faith."

Journeys of Faith

Faris's podcast Journeys of Faith closely examines how some celebrities are using their faith and spirituality to guide them. In her podcast, Faris interviews celebrities such as Robin Roberts, Luke Bryan, Tim Tebow and many others about their personal spiritual journeys.

A Moment She Will Always Remember

Although she said goodbye to the Oscar red carpets, she carries with her the lessons learned from her many exciting celebrity encounters. She recalls her experience interviewing Tom Hanks:

"I think one of the conversations that I will always remember is with Tom Hanks. I was interviewing him but it started raining and raining pretty heavily during the interview and he was a champ. One of the worlds greatest and biggest celebrities being rained on in an interview. He had the best attitude and he didn't cut the interview short. I thought how indicative of his character and I thought what a character revealer."

Paula's podcast Journeys of Faith and book Called Out are currently available everywhere.

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