Paula Garcés Flexes her TV and Netflix Influence

Women's History Month is a beautiful time to celebrate women who have made a powerful impact on society, and Paula Garcés is a shining example.

Starting with small roles in Law & Order and New York Undercover, she did not realize how much adversity she had faced as a Latina actress until she read her pilot script for Netflix's On My Block.

“I just didn’t think about being a Latina actress until much later -- until I really started working and being, 'Oh, there’s a difference because I speak Spanish. I’m being put into this box for being a Latina.'"

At first read, Paula found On My Block hilarious and was interested in the part, but, upon further reading and learning about the diverse cast she would be working with, she knew it was a must have.

“The more I read it and the more I thought about it, I was like, ‘Wow. I haven’t really felt represented in a very real way in a very long time.' I didn’t realize how much I needed that. It was very emotional for me."

The comic book cover of Aluna. Courtesy: Tidalwave Productions

Having defied stereotypes and gone against the odds, Paula knew she had to find new ways to influence and inspire many more women. As a result, she wrote her own comic book featuring a Latina superhero -- Aluna, which she says will please all genders.

“The more you tell me no ... the more I want it.”

Seasons one and two of On My Block are now available on Netflix.

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