Phantom of the Opera Broadway


The French production company behind Narcos and F is for Family has begun adapting Gaston Leuroux's 1909 novel turned musical The Phantom of the Opera for a six-part miniseries.

Gaumont is working with novelist Anthony Horowitz to adapt the the novel, which follows a deformed composer living in the depths of the Paris Opera House and falls in love with a singer named Christine. The miniseries will pull mainly from the novel, rather than the musical adaptation.

Andrew Lloyd Webber adapted the novel into a musical in 1986. The musical opened on London's West End in 1986 and on Broadway in 1988, ultimately becoming the highest grossing musical in Broadway history. Since then, the gothic story has seen a number of film adaptations (1925, 1943, 2004) along with a miniseries in 1990 for NBC.

Deadline broke the exciting news on Twitter for theatre and gothic fans alike!

No details on the dates of the project have been announced yet but fans can get excited to experience the music of the night once more!

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