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While working on The Amazing Race for 20 years, Phil Keoghan is returning as host for the second season of Tough As Nails.

A Blue Collar Competition 💪

Tough As Nails gathers workers from all walks of life for a reinvented reality show competition. Steelworkers, nurses, police officers and other rigorous occupations go head-to-head to find out who is the toughest!

After a successful first season, Phil Keoghan is returning to the competition grounds for the all new second season.

"What makes the show different, of course, is we're not looking for people who are good at one thing. A singer or a dancer or a designer or a builder or a cook or whatever that thing is... these are people who come from all walks of life who have different life skills. [Since] nobody goes home, our show is very heavily based on character. What you're going to see are like 12 new people, six men, six women, from completely different walks of life," Keoghan said.

The Challenges of Season Two 📺

The second season Tough as Nails brought on its own set of challenges, as the new season was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It was almost like doing two shows, because we had to produce the show and then we had to have this whole system in place to make sure everybody was safe. I'm pleased to say that we go through all of shooting without any incident," Keoghan said.

You can catchTough As Nails Wednesday nights on CBS.

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