TV producer and host Phil Rosenthal just released a new season of his hit Netflix series "Somebody Feed Phil," but that's not all he's up to. The star showed support for the recent MPTF fundraiser "We All Play Our Part," which raised money for people struggling in Hollywood.

New Season of "Somebody Feed Phil"

Rosenthal continues to put smiles on people's faces despite difficult times. The popular TV producer said:

"I want people to watch the show, not sadly and thinking 'oh look how the world used to be,' but we all know this will end, and we will be able to go again, so use this time to plan."

"We All Play Our Part"

Rosenthal is also using his talents to support the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) by organizing a virtual fundraiser called "We All Play Our Part." In joining the cause, Rosenthal said:

""I believe that we need to care about these people because of the joy they've given us in our lives and just because they're human beings. And so, that's what this is about. It goes beyond just a motion picture and television fund. It goes into caring for our elders. "

Rosenthal wasn't the only one "playing his part." George Clooney and Kris Jenner also made appearances. The fundraiser even included a special reunion from the cast of Rosenthal's beloved sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray Romano and Brad Garrett joined Rosenthal to raise money. Romano shared why the organization is so important to him:

"We're lucky enough not to need it yet, but we may, and we know people who do use it, and it's very valuable for them."

To learn more about MPTF visit https://mptf.com/weallplayourpart/.

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