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We've seen many extravagant celeb homes in the past, but this one is definitely in the top ranks. Recognized for shiny rhinestone-studded skull designs, fashion designer Philipp Plein, owns clothing brands Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire brand. The designer has been working on his 3.6 acres of land since he purchased it in 2014. In an Instagram post, he writes that the land in Bel Air was previously owned by the late billionaire, Howard Hughes.

Chateau Falcon View

In 2014, when Plein purchased the 3.6 acres of land in Bel Air, he intended to create his own house from scratch. With a guest house and a long winding drive way, the mansion, which he named Chateau Falcon View, is expected to be fully finished in 2021. The final mansion is said to be worth $200 million.

Previously Owned By Howard Hughes

In Plein's latest Instagram update for the home, he writes about how his creation of the mansion was a dream of his for a long time. He then explains how the land was previously owned by Howard Hughes. The Scarface producer was not only known for making films, but also for being an investor, record-setting pilot, and an engineer. His fame and success was at a high in the '20s, and he eventually went on to control RKO Pictures studio, one of the prominent studios during Hollywood's golden age.

Your house doesn't have an Instagram account?

Screenshot via Instagram @chateaufalconview

During the building of Chateau Falcon view, an Instagram account was created to show the progress of the mansion. From engraved doorknobs to laser-etched cocktail glasses, the Instagram account shows all of the details.

No Mansion Is Complete Without A Pool

Screenshot via Instagram @chateaufalconview

In an Instagram post, one commenter wonders if this mansion has a pool. The Chateau Falcon View account replies to them, saying that there will be a private beach club, called "THE SWAN."

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