Pixar Sparkshort “Out” Disney+ Teaser Trailer

Pixar has so many films audiences that have grown to adore over the years like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, and many more, but the latest story is centered around a gay lead character.

Debuting on Disney+, Pixar released the animated short film about a gay man's coming out story titled Out. The story is centered around a gay man, Greg who is in a happy relationship with his partner Manuel. While packing his belongings to move, he is suddenly surprised by his parents who have no idea he was gay. For a moment, Greg switches bodies with his dog Jim, trying to hide the gay relationship, but comes to discover he may not have to hide the relationship from his parents any longer.

Director and writer Steven Clay Hunter brings the story to life which is part of the SparkShorts series. The series showcases new talent from Pixar artists with creative ways of storytelling from across the studio. Hunter, who has worked on various Pixar projects, is now sharing his own story. This is the perfect time to watch in honor of Pride Month.

The Animation Is Remarkable

The nine minute short film is stunning and filled with vivid and impactful colors. In fact, the film was inspired by the art of Mary Blair in the Little Golden Books edition of Alice in Wonderland. In an interview with SFGATE, producer Max Sachar shares his thoughts on the animation, saying:

"We kept saying it looks like a moving painting," says Sachar. It had this unrefined quality to it. With the storytelling side of it we felt it was such a perfect blend."

Audience Reactions Are In

Audiences all over have been sharing their support for the short film expressing it was funny and made them cry. In fact, #PixarOut has also been trending twitters users. GLAAD's director of entertainment media Jeremy Blacklow shared the organizations admiration for the short film:

"Out represents the best of Disney and Pixar's legacy as a place for heartwarming stories about finding one's own inner strength in the face of life's challenges,"

Out is a family-friendly and mature story all audiences can enjoy. Be sure to check out the uplifting short!

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