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Pixar's newest film, Encanto, the 60th film produced by the studio, is premiering this fall. Here's what we know about the anticipated premiere.

The film is directed by Bryon Howard, who co-directed Tangled and Zootopia, and Jared Bush, who was a writer for both Zootopia and Moana. The cast is confirmed to be Stephanie Beatriz, who is best known for playing the tough detective Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine as the voice of Encanto's main character, as well as an appearance from Ben Stiller. Its music is composed by Hamilton and In the Heights creator Lin Manuel Miranda. It will also have eight original songs in both Spanish and English.

Encanto follows the story of a young girl from a magical village in the mountains of Colombia, who struggles with being the sole member of her family, the Madrigials, who was not born with magical powers. Unsurprisingly, musical adventures ensue. Fittingly, "Encanto" is the word for "charm" or "enchantment" in Spanish.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the official trailer to be released July 8th, 2021 while the film will be released in theaters on November 24th, 2021.

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