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If you watched the cinematographic version of Jane Austen's novel Emma, you're definitely going to enjoy this romantic film, Playing Cupid, on Hallmark Channel.

Clara, a middle schooler, is a match-maker at her school and her single teacher seems to be the perfect person to advance her business in unexpected ways.

The actress that plays the heartbroken teacher, Laura Vandervoort, gives us the premise of the romantic show.

"It's a quarter-life crisis of
'What am I doing? Am I ever going to be in love again?'
Also, [she hates] love at the same time and [wants] to just focus on herself. One of her pupils comes up with this great idea for an entrepreneurial business and she ends up meeting her father!"

But, there's no turning back when Clara decides to set up her teacher with her dad, played by Nicholas Gonzalez, who warns us that things don't go smoothly between them at the beginning.

"They're two people who definitely are not looking for love in any way, shape or form, and it's probably at the most inopportune time. I think the lesson there too is that that's the way life happens to us. We're never exactly ready. Love's going to find you at the times you least expect it."

Hallmark Channel seems to be ready to spread the love with romantic movies and Gonzalez is extremely proud of being part of that, especially today.

"At a time when we're apart we can also stretch across this divide and share a little love."

Let the romance begin February 13th on Hallmark Channel.

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Celebrity Page TV

Celebrity Page TV

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