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What says summer more than the POOL? But can we leave the P out of it? I mean seriously. Summer is a time filled with swimming, breaststroke, marco polo, and more. But this summer is a bit different, and new rules are in place. In this episode, we break down for you this summer's pool theme and make sure you are following safety guidelines.

DO YOUR RESEARCH If you're planning to strut your stuff at a public pool... Do your research… Find out the safety protocols in place at your local pool. And if your Dad is allowed to show up in nothing but a speedo.

But seriously, find out… Are they restricting the number of people allowed in? Are they implementing social distancing? Do they let you bring your own noodles? That's what they're called right? Luckily, experts say the virus is not likely to spread in the water, but as with any public space, precautions are in place and things are different for this freak of a year. So do your research before you go for a dip!

COME PREPARED Bring antibacterial wipes, your own chair, some extra chlorine, and of course the summer's hottest accessory…. A face mask. A public pool at it's best isn't the cleanest environment but in the midst of a pandemic, you can't take any chances!!

SAFETY FIRST If you're taking the kiddos with you to the pool… we need to keep safety in mind. Make sure there is always a set of eyes on your child and before they get in the pool… make sure your little ones are able to tread water, float, and know where the exits to the pool are! Don't forget the floaties too! Target and Amazon have a great list of pool floats and chairs for your grandma to join you while you rough house with your brother in the deep end. These rules go for your pool, your friend's pool, or any public pool as well… Safety is always first.

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