Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just released their first holiday podcast special through Spotify.

The episode features Christina Adane, Naomi Osaka, George the Poet, Tyler Perry, and so many more! The couple reflects on their 2020, along with their friends and talks about the important experiences they had. In the beginning of the episode listeners can hear Prince Harry say:

"We're glad you're here. As we all know, it's been a year. And we really want to honor the compassion and kindness that has helped so many people get through it."

Meghan also added on and shared:

"And, at the same time, to honor those who have experienced uncertainty and unthinkable loss. Our thoughts have been with you, especially during this holiday season.

Prince Harry also shared why he felt it was important to hear about their friends experiences throughout 2020. He said:

"We were curious to hear what they'd reflect on when they had a moment to themselves, without navigating the sometimes awkward dance of a video chat. Meaning, no one having to say 'you're on mute' over and over again — which is probably one of the defining phrases of 2020."

A special surprise at the end of the episode is from none other than Archie! Fans were able to hear him talk for the very first time as he repeated the words, "Happy New Year!" Be sure to check out the episode out on Spotify now!

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