Prince William

COVID-19 has infected millions of people around the world, any many celebrities have also come down with the novel virus. Now, Prince William, one of the more recognizable faces on the planet, revealed that he came down with COVID-19 back in April.

According to The Sun, the Prince came down with the virus shortly after his father, Prince Charles, announced that he tested positive. The Duke of Cambridge had trouble breathing, which came as a shock to those around him given how healthy he is. The Sun also reported that Prince William kept the situation under wraps, as he did not want to alarm anyone.

Despite coming down with the virus, The Prince was able to fulfill many of his engagements (virtually, of course), as he carried on with 14 meetings during the month of April.

The Prince joins the list of many celebrities who have come down with COVID-19, and the Prince's story serves as a reminder that the virus is still out there, and that we all should take it seriously.

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