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World renowned soccer players Marcus Rashford, Axel Tuanzebe, and others have been at the front of intense scrutiny recently due to the racism and hatred spread on social media. Prince William has had enough and confronted the issue via Twitter.

Racist Abuse

Prince William took to his and the Duchess Kate Middleton's joint social media accounts to speak on the hatred being spread recently.

The Duke did not hold back in calling out the words being spread as nothing short of "Racist abuse."

Prince William declares the hate as purely despicable and states,

"it must stop now."

Intolerable Environment

Prince William believes a major element of the issue is holding those accountable for their actions.

Greater Manchester Police have stated that they are investigating the abuse and firmly believe that these events are upsetting and awful.

Highlighting the Strength of the Players

Prince William is the President of The Football Association and uses his platforms to fight racism and promote mental health.

In the conclusion of his Twitter letter, the Duke commends those subject to this hatred for their strength and perseverance.

Many Players Targeted by Racists

Marcus Rashford is one of the players at the forefront of the racial abuse. Along with Rashford, players Axel Tuanzebe, Anthony Martial, Romaine Sawyers, and Reece James have been targeted.

Marcus Rashford Statement

Rashford follows the tweet stating that he would not be further commenting or sharing on the topic as he is a role model for many youth.

"I have beautiful children of all colours following me and they don't need to read it. Beautiful colours that should only be celebrated."

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month and the issues these players continue to face today, alone, show that there is so much more to be done for the Black community.

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