In a history-making moment, Queen Elizabeth II is now the first member of the British Royal family to virtually attend a portrait unveiling.

The Queen Sees New Portrait Virtually! 

With the safety and social distancing guidelines in the U.K., it is still recommended to continue work remotely. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth II decided to get a first-look at her new portrait through video chat. Artist Miriam Escofet created the Queen's latest portrait, and got praise in return for her work. On the phone call, the Queen says:

"I'm glad I've had to chance to see it. I hope I'll see it in real life one day."

The portrait itself shows the Queen in a blue dress sat upon a golden chair with a cup of tea on the table next to her and a painting of her great-great-great grandmother Queen Charlotte. In a press statement, Escofet says this project was an honor, saying:

"I wanted the portrait to capture Her Majesty's humanity, her radiance and her warmth, which came through so strongly in the two portrait sittings."

Escofet goes on to talk about how The Queen was very pleased with the portrait and was smiling throughout the entire unveiling. In fact, she even joked about the teacup next to her being empty.

To watch the full video of the virtual portrait unveiling, click here!

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