Rachael's Christmas Décor Tour In Guest House | 2020 Holiday Season

Rachael Ray, shared an emotional tribute to her home that suffered a fire on Aug. 9 as she showed fans her Christmas decor for her temporary house.

Ray started off the segment showing viewers the drawings she made of her decor ideas, as well as the work that her friends helped bring to life. Instead of putting up trees this year, Ray strung garlands around her home. Ray also displayed an array of long strand lights, as she describes looking like "falling snow." Ray also put up paper lanterns that resembled falling snowballs, in order to help achieve a winter wonderland look. As for the trees, Ray only put up one very small tree that resembled the one that her and her husband, John Cusimano, planted at their 2005 wedding in Italy.

The celebrity chef mentioned how near and dear she holds her friends, especially during a time like this one. She shared:

"I gotta tell you, I don't know where I would be without friends and a community and people so dear to me that helped me bring Christmas to life even when you're not at home."

Ray also spoke about how thankful she is for the little things that make her feel more at home this year. She said:

"It's not a lot but these partridges and pears and sugared fruits and things, they do make me feel more at home and nostalgic and grateful for the family that I have and the life I've led. I love that you guys are a part of it."
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