Rachel Lindsay & Brian Abasolo Call For Equality & Raise Money For Nicklaus Children's Hospital | CP

The famous Bachelor couple is raising awareness on representation and an important cause!

Rachel & Bryan Call For Equality 🌟

Fans fell in love with Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's love story on the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette.

Now, the two are speaking out on the latest racism controversy surrounding Chris Harrison by calling for equality and more representation on the hit reality show.

"One of my biggest things for coming through as the first Black Bachelorette... the first black lead, period, was that I wanted to make sure that it didn't stop with me. We have to keep going. The events that happened this week show that we still have a ways to go," Rachel Lindsay Abasolo said.

"They can definitely be more inclusive with Asians, Indians, you name it. We want more inclusion of all races and we want representation," Bryan Abasolo said.

However, the two aren't stopping there in an effort to raise awareness and put more positivity in the world!

Rachel & Bryan's Charitable Cause ❤️

Rachel and Bryan are also teaming up on the #Nicklaus4Kids campaign to raise money for Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a beacon of hope in the South Florida community, as the frontline workers make miracles happen for over 250,000 kids from around the world every year.

"It's all about helping making miracles for over a quarter of a million of kids who are treated at Nicklaus Children's Hospital every single year," Lindsay said.

"To add onto that, the donations raised are going to benefit the Patient Assistance Fund, which is going to provide all that money for underinsured and undeserved kids," Abasolo said.

Florida residents can also donate to the cause by entering the 50/50 raffle, which can result in a huge cash prize!

"You have the chance to win a life changing amount of money. The more you play, the more you can win," Lindsay said.

Florida residents can play the 50/50 raffle to win a big cash prize while supporting Nicklaus Children's Hospital at Nicklaus4Kids.com.

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