The Tribeca Film Festival was all about bittersweet endings and new beginnings as star Rami Malek and Mr. Robot's cast and crew prepare to move on, Margot Robbie takes on a new project with Dreamland, and Alec Baldwin embodies an imploded icon of the auto world in Framing John DeLorean.

Mr. Robot's Finale

When Mr. Robot premiered on USA, the mind bending series took basic cable to new heights of artistry while propelling Rami Malek's career. It is also known for its prescience, debuting with the tagline "our democracy has been hacked" a year before that became a real-life headline.

"This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It opened every door for me imaginable." - Rami Malek

With the fourth and final season premiering in late 2019, Rami Malek is riding a wave of success from his Oscar win for Bohemian Rhapsody into a leading role as the villain of the upcoming James Bond film.

In terms of the cast and crew's feelings on closing the door on creator Sam Esmail's groundbreaking series, the sentiment is largely the same.

"It's, of course, sad and great at the same time because it's been a remarkable experience and a lot of fun and emotionally powerful, so it's great and bittersweet." - Christian Slater

How will fans feel about the way the show ends? Malek channeled the cryptic nature of the series in his response.

"I can't really speak to how people are gonna feel. I, myself, don't know how I feel yet about it. It's gonna be a sad way to part. How about that?" - Rami Malek

Margot Robbie's Dreamland

Star and producer Margot Robbie took the red carpet at Tribeca for the premiere of her new film, Dreamland.

Robbie is known for lighting up the screen as an actor, but pulling double duty as a producer creates unique challenges.

"They kinda work hand-in-hand. They work in tandem a lot of the time. I often worry that I'm not giving one side of my job all that I can, but, to be honest, I think that most of the time it kinda helps." - Margot Robbie

While Robbie was modest in describing her role, cast mate Finn Cole was quick to lavish praise on her abilities as both an actor and producer.

"Margot switches between the two fantastically. We're so lucky to be able to experience both sides of her talent." - Finn Cole

Alec Baldwin Channels John DeLorean in a New Documentary

While John DeLorean is most commonly recognized as the man the Back to the Future car was named after, there's much more to the automotive executive's story.

Alec Baldwin plays DeLorean in dramatic recreations throughout this documentary chronicling the automotive pioneer's shocking fall from grace.

"The car is a metaphor for John himself. It looks great on the outside, but it's missing a part on the inside." - Alec Baldwin

While DeLorean revolutionized the American auto industry by inventing the world's first "muscle car" at General Motors in the 1960s, his attempt to launch his own namesake company met with spectacular failure through a convergence of tragically bad decisions, circumstances, timing, and character flaws.

"John just was not capable of admitting what he didn't know." - Alec Baldwin

The documentary rolls out on June 7th.

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