Mother And New-Born Daughter Defeat Coronavirus | Celebrity Page

We all need some good news right about now. In this Real Life Celebrities, we're highlighting a mother and daughter's journey to beat COVID-19 and meeting each other for the first time.

Its no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has shaped and shifted the lives of people everywhere. However, one woman fought her own against the virus, all while pregnant with a baby girl.

Blanca Rodriguez, a stay-at-home mom, was 28 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for the coronavirus. Rodriguez's condition ultimately began to suffer, resulting in a potential risk to the baby's life. The 32-year-old then slipped into a coma, and a team of 30 doctors at Loma Linda University Medical Center performed an emergency C-section to give birth to the baby.

The doctors were successful in delivering Baby Jade, and now both mom and baby are on the mend and getting stronger each day. Rodriquez told NBC 4 Los Angeles that they hope to be home by October.

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Ahmad Simmons


A new dance video from the 'American Dance Machine for the 21st Century' has been released.

In light of the Covid pandemic, the 'COOL' lyrics have never meant more to the Broadway community.
The film's director Joshua Bergasse said: