Rebecca Black


Rebecca Black is all grown up and it has been 10 whole years since her earth-shattering song 'Friday' was released. To celebrate its anniversary, she released a remix of the song.

We all remember when 'Friday' was released in 2011 and absolutely broke the internet- how could we forget? Within its first few months of being released, the music video received more than 167 million views and was YouTube's number one video of the year. Whether you loved it, couldn't stand it, or laughed at it, you can't deny the impact the song had on the media or the way it redefined the internet culture of its time.

Being that the music video was uploaded on Feb. 10 of 2011, Ms. Black picked today, the tenth anniversary of the song, to release its remix.

The remix, that features Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, and 3OH!3, exhibits an upbeat hyper-pop sound that is dance-worthy and slightly mocks the original. The music video also pokes fun at mid-2000's internet memes and the initial criticism she faced in 2011.

The artist has stayed within the music and YouTube scene, regularly uploading lifestyle-themed videos in the past as well as periodically releasing music for the past couple years. This is the second single the singer has released of the year, as her song "Girlfriend" came out this past January.

Congratulations to Rebecca, and thank you for the good-old fashioned nostalgia!

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