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This year a total of 121 openly queer athletes will be competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

The USA makes up the largest part of this total with 30 athletes. These numbers are very exciting as Olympics of the past have not even come close to the totals. The London Olympics in 2012 had only 23 openly queer athletes while the Rio Olympics in 2016 had only 56 openly queer athletes.

First Transgender Athlete in Olympics

25 countries have LGBTQ+ athletes and there are many more openly queer women compared to men as there are seven queer women to every queer man. New Zealand is one of the countries that has made headlines as Laurel Hubbard will be the first transgender athlete in the Olympics.

Hubbard is a weightlifter that has become a strong global figure for LGBTQ+ rights because of her success in her field despite the transphobic backlash. This is especially poignant in the US as we continue to see anti-trans laws enter the sports-world in many different states.

Be sure to tune into the Tokyo Olympics all summer as history is made for LGBTQ+ athletes and new LGBTQ+ role models will be seen on a global scale.

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