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As the pandemic is still sweeping the world, being isolated wit your family is starting to get redundant. Many cities over seas and here in the US are going back into lockdowns or quarantining for their own safety.

We talked with our relationship expert, Donny Meacham, who gave some insight on how to handle family right now.

1. Find some 'me time'

It is important to find that time alone away from everyone you have been cooped up with all year. Get out of the house and do something you love whether that is going on a walk, painting or even watching a movie.

Donny says it is important for everyone in the family to get that time to be alone and have that time for yourself! "Family time is important but me time is equally as important," Donny says.

2. Video chat with loved ones

Times like this call for different social interactions. By now, everyone has been on a zoom call or something of the sort for work, school, meetings and so on.

It is just as important to have those zoom calls to catch up with family, friends and people you love.

The face to face interaction doesn't have to be left in the dust because video works just as well. "A facial connection is going to be more special," donny says. "reconnecting with loved ones during this difficult time is going to overall better your mental health."

So finding that time to be by yourself or if you need more human interaction, get on camera is something we all should look into. Especially when metal health is more important now than ever.

Using technology is always a good way to get your mind off of the world or family members in the house that could be getting under your skin.

it is used in every household now and some use it more than others.

In a study from Google they found that, "In March, 54 percent of participants said digital technology has a positive impact on the time they spend with their families. In September, this number rose to 63 percent."

Everyone is spending more time online now and having knowing ways to use it for the better in family situations can make your relationships so much closer.

It has almost marked a full year since this pandemic has started. From whipped coffee, long family walks, banana bread making, TikTok's, Zoom calls and so much more, we have all found ways to make spending time with family and inside a top priority.

As we don't know the certainty of when this will come to an end, we do know the right ways to make ourselves busy in the mean time!

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