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Ricky Martin's former manager has filed a lawsuit against him for breach of contract.

Rebecca Drucker, Martin's manager from 2014 to 2018 and May 2020 to April 2022, filed a suit against the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer that accuses him of withholding $3 million in unpaid managerial commissions.

The suit alleges that Martin "maliciously refused to pay Rebecca the millions of dollars in commissions that he owes her under their management agreement."

Drucker claims to be the one who "saved Ricky Martin’s career" and that she "protected" him from "the consequences of his reckless indiscretions." She is asking for the $3 million "according to proof, and unpaid commissions accruing on an ongoing basis."

Drucker asserts that Martin created "a toxic work environment," referencing "a particularly ugly incident in Dubai involving Martin and his representative José Vega." The 2018 incident caused her to resign, until Martin begged her for months to return to the role.

Though Drucker agreed, giving Martin "another shot" in May 2020, she discovered his personal life "in disarray." The suit alleges,

"Although Martin’s career flourished since he re-hired Rebecca as his manager in May 2020, she was forced to deal with a litany of Martin’s personal issues, such as problems with the nanny he hired to care for his children, Martin’s nonpayment of taxes, and his substance abuse, among other issues."

When she attempted to resign in June 2021, Drucker claims she was promised a ten percent commission on gross income under the Management Agreement, as opposed to the previous five percent.

Drucker maintains she was not paid the commissions, and that Martin "likely will not pay." Drucker's attorney says the complaint "only scratches the surface," noting the reason she stayed for as long as she did.

"Rebecca did so not only because she was his manager, but also because she thought that Martin was her dear friend."

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