#SeeHER Spotlight: Rita Moreno

From West Side Story to One Day At A Time, Rita Moreno has been breaking barriers for years, with a career full of dynamic roles and outstanding performances.

We spoke with the Moreno about her revolutionary role in Hollywood, and the struggles of being a woman in the entertainment business.

Moreno's most recent role is in Netflix's One Day At A Time. Norman Lear's reboot of the classic series follows a Latino family and it has quickly built an enthusiastic audience.

"Heres the wonderful thing about it -- non-Latino fans are watching it and loving it."

The show appeals to a wide audience through multi-cultural experiences, which Moreno credits to its diverse creative team.

"Our writer's room is like the United Nations."

While Moreno is no stranger to creating strong cultural change, and she applauds the progress that has been made, she regrets that there is still so much work to do in order to fix the culture of Hollywood for women.

"It's still not terrific. It's so hard to find women directors -- not that they don’t exist, but it's just hard to find them because they’re not given the opportunities."

Moreno's ultimate goal is to increase the opportunities for women in the industry, and her work with One Day At A Time is just the latest vehicle to spread her message of equality and acceptance.

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