Chef Robert Irvine Embraces Global Recipes On His Brand New Show | Celebrity Page

Chef Robert Irvine is cooking up dishes from all around the world.

Here's the perfect cuisine inspiration!

Irvine is best known for hosting and appearing on Food Network shows, including Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America, Next Iron Chef and more.

Fans have seen Irvine conquer impossible missions, but this time, the renowned cooking star is putting other chefs to the challenge in an all new, cross-cultural cooking competition.

Irvine's new show, The Globe, will feature chefs from all backgrounds taking on new dishes spanning 90,000 miles without ever leaving the competition arena.

"The coolest thing is that the chefs don't know [which country] they're going to cook, what their ingredients are going to be, what the equipment is going to be, and the timeline that they have to cook the meal in," Irvine said.

Using virtual reality technology, The Globe allows Irvine and the show's contestants to travel to multiple destinations around the world, such as India and Israel.

"I know [in] this time of divisiveness in our country and around the world and things going on, I think there's nothing better than taking your kids and your family... on this journey of food and culture without leaving your dining room," Irvine said.

After a year and a half of hardly any traveling, The Globe serves as a sweet reminder of how delicious the world can be.

"I had COVID, I was in the hospital for six days. It wasn't pleasant. Now we're out, we're back on the road and this is a show for the family that can sit and really be educated."

You can watch Robert Irvine on The Globe, streaming now on Discovery+.

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