Robert Irwin


Famous Australian zookeeper and television personality Steve Irwin's son, Robert Irwin, passed his driver's test this week, and his first solo drive was to the hospital to visit his newborn niece.

Its been 15 years since the loss of animal activist icon Steve Irwin, who left behind his wife Terri Irwin, daughter Bindi (22), and son Robert (17). Since then, the family has carried on the tradition of passionately advocating for animals, using their platform for good, and informing people about animals, using the same gift their beloved Steve shared with the world.

Most like his father is Robert, who most recently paid tribute to his father in a keen way. The 17-year-old recently earned his license, allowing him to drive on his own. His very first solo trip was taken to visit his 22-year-old sister's newborn baby girl, Grace. His vehicle of choice? His late father's old truck! Robert took to Instagram yesterday to share images of the poignant day that he is sure to remember forever.

Like Father Like Son

His enthusiastic caption read "My first solo drive was a super special one - took my dad's old Ute to see Grace in the hospital right after she was born 😊"

The New Uncle

The new uncle shared a sweet snap of him meeting his adorable newborn niece, Grace. "This little one picked the two best parents in the entire world. The most incredible, caring and strong Mum... and the funnest, coolest and kindest Dad. Love you three so much - I can't wait for this exciting journey ahead!"

Brothers In Law

A week ago, Robert shared a pic with Chandler Powell, who married Robert's sister Bindi on March 25, 2020. Now, the newlyweds have welcomed a beautiful newborn daughter!

Anniversary Baby

To make Grace's birth even more serendipitous, her birth date fell exactly on the day of the newlywed's first wedding anniversary. Also, her full name carries a lot of sentimental meaning. "Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior," said mom Bindi.

Welcome to the world, Grace!

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