It's been 10 years since Robert Pattinson took a bite out of pop culture as Edward Cullen in Twilight, and the versatile star is still going strong.

His latest movie is 'High Life', a science fiction film in which he plays a father struggling to survive the isolation of deep space with his daughter.

While he was amused when asked, "How does it feel playing a space dad?", that isn't what attracted him to the role. Ultimately, it was the chance to work with director Claire Denis that motivated him.

“She’s been one of my favorite directors for years. I never thought she’d make a movie in English. When this came about, I was just kind of voraciously chasing it.”

The Twilight franchise have have given Pattinson a permanent place in pop culture, but the actor has assembled an eclectic collection of roles throughout his career.

“I always think my present job is going to be my last, so I always think ‘If this is the one that’s gonna kill me, it’s alright. I had a good time.’” 

'High Life' will be distributed in the United States by A24, and is now in theaters in France.

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