Hollywood is full of icons, but few reach the level of influence and respect that Robert Redford has. With his storied career coming to a close, we had plenty of questions about the man, the myth, and the legend.

Robert Redford's Last Film -- 'The Old Man & The Gun"

The first question we had for Robert Redford is obvious -- why stop now? What is it about 'The Old Man & The Gun' that makes for a fitting end?

“I think it speaks for itself. It’s a great story. Great characters. Also a true story.” - Robert Redford

Sissy Spacek explained the appeal of Redford’s magnetic, yet disreputable character in the film.

“He’s charming, and he’s funny, and he’s a gentleman, and he’s kind, and he robs banks.” - Sissy Spacek

An icon herself, we asked Spacek what has made Redford stand out over all of these years and in all of his roles.

“He’s got magic. Ya know? He just lights up the screen.” - Sissy Spacek

Co-star Casey Affleck reinforced her statement and spoke about his experience working with Redford.

“The man is everything that you hope he might be and more.” - Casey Affleck

The final question that we all have is if this will really be Redford’s last film. Isiah Whitlock, Jr., who shared the screen with Redford in both 'The Old Man & The Gun' and 'Pete’s Dragon' said that he believes it.

Reflecting on his career, Robert Redford said that he is proud and thankful for the body of work that he’s achieved, as an actor and a producer.

'The Old Man & The Gun' is in theaters now.

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