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Pop singer Rockie Brown has just begun making waves in the industry, and her new single is quite literally a bop. Or a shoo bop, if you will.

Jaymes Vaughan had the pleasure of sitting down with the British Filipino pop starlet to talk about her new single "Shoo Bop." The music video is like rollercoaster ride, reminiscent of a dystopian Apple commercial.

Rockie: Most of my music is message driven. Shoo Bop is probably one of our lightest releases, which I think is doing so well because it's more lighthearted, and it's catchy, it's pop

Jaymes: If you had to say there was a message to Rockie Brown, what is that message?

Rockie: I want to talk about things that are important to me, and current events inspire me. My recent music is about equality and women's empowerment. Things that I'm passionate about, things that I want to say, things that artists should be talking about when you have a platform, when you have a voice".

That's all we've got today, but "Shoo Bop" is streaming now!

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