Roselyn Sanchez Kicks Off Lifetime's Holiday Lineup | Celebrity Page

Lifetime is celebrating the holiday season like never before!

With 35 new movies as part of the epic It's a Wonderful Lifetime annual holiday movie event, this year's season is more festive than ever.

Commencing Lifetime's holiday lineup is one of the stars from Fantasy Island, Roselyn Sanchez, who leads in An Ice Wine Christmas.

"I'm honored and nervous. I hope it does really amazing because it's the beginning of a lineup. They have so many Christmas movies and they're all fantastic," Sanchez said.

In the new film, Sanchez stars as Camila, a renowned wine connoisseur, who returns home to celebrate the annual Ice Wine Christmas Festival. After arriving home, Camila is struck by the news that her mentor and manger of the local winery is retiring, cutting back on this year's celebration.

Camila's sister tries to aid the situation by hiring a new wine specialist, Declan, played by Lyriq Bent, who is about to ruin the magic of the festival by making it a year-round event. Camila hopes to spread the magic of the holidays with Declan, showing him that an authentic wine harvest is cherished most during the best time of the year.

"Two very different people, from different walks of life, different ethnicities, and they meet in the most strange way. Realizing that there's nothing more beautiful than la familia... it's a beautiful message. It's a perfect Christmas movie, white snow, the love and friendship and loyalty and so many beautiful things," Sanchez said.

An Ice Wine Christmas airs on Lifetime Friday, November 12th at 8/7c.

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