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It's a great time to be Rosie Perez!

The Oscar-nominated star is busier than ever with her new series Now & Then.

A bilingual thriller, Rosie plays a detective still trying to piece-together a 20-year-old case.

"It's about a group of college friends and one of them ends up dead. They all bow a secret to never tell anyone what happens. 20 years later, that secret comes back to haunt them," Perez said.

While she’s busy solving crimes on Now & Then, Rosie is committing crimes on The Flight Attendant. The hit series, which earned her an Emmy nomination, is now in its second season.

"When I wrapped, I had to go right back into Flight Attendant and I couldn't share Flora! I couldn't shake this detective."

Now & Then is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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