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Fans of The Daily Show know Roy Wood Jr. for his hilarious bits as a correspondent, and now they can get even more of Roy in his new podcast, Roy's Job Fair!

The comedian's new podcast invites guests on his show to discuss career fails, firings, and mistakes, but they aren't shamed, they're celebrated!

"Employment ain't really that different than a relationship, and we love to talk about relationships all the time, we talk about relationships, but a job ain't no different. You've had good ones, you've had bad ones, some of us are looking to get into one. People tell me about the time they stole a bunch of stuff from the grocery store when they was working in the deli, because they knew the owner put in fake cameras. Fun stuff, you know, family oriented", Wood Jr. said.

Roy's Job Fair is available on iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your podcasts!

The laughs keep coming on YouTube, where he's lending his talents to the Comedy Central digital docuseries Dark Humor, which highlights black comedians.

"What black comedy means to the world at large, it influences our music, our fashion, our culture, our politics. It's just how people are able to take the pain of a people, and polish that into something that is both funny and profound."

Dark Humor is available now on YouTube, and you can always catch Roy on The Daily Show!

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